Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Opportunity-A must read

I have come across a wonderful story on opportunity which struck me with it's simplicity and similar kind of truthfulness.

Once upon a time there was a young man who was longing to marry a beautiful daughter of the village's most intellectual farmer. He approached him with his wish and showed the readiness to accept any challenge to win his heart. The farmer smiled and asked him come to his farm next day.
Next day the Farmer put a simple condition in front of him that he would leave three bullocks open in the farm and he needs to catch the tail of any one of them. If he succeeds in that he would be eligible to ask for his daughter's hand. The young man laughed in his sleeves and started dreaming about his marriage with Farmer's daughter. The Farmer released the first Bullock which was very healthy and full of wildness. The young man had never seen such a big bullock in his life hence he decided to skip this one and wait for another one to catch the tail of. Bee lying his expectations the second one was much bigger and stout like a hunk. He decided not to play with danger and skipped the second one also. Now, as the last chance the third bullock was freed by the Farmer which brought the huge smile on the young man's face. The third bullock was apparently very weak and thin. The young man ran towards it and jumped to catch it's tail but he was shocked to see that it didn't have any TAIL.

Life is full of opportunity. No doubt some of them are difficult to take on but if we let it go due to fear or lack of self confidence we may never be able to marry a beautiful daughter of farmer called SUCCESS

Source: from an email forward

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