Friday, August 20, 2010

Sales Hypocracy

We had an uncle who was very bold and courageous enough to raise his voice even in the middle of the crowd.   One day as our local church was celebrating its annual festival, and there comes a medicine seller who was thin and skinny.  In the street corner he placed his box.  Upon the box he displayed medicine bottles along with two pictures of a guy, before and after using the medicine.

He was calling people and telling them the qualities of the medicine.  One picture shows the photo of a man with skinny and thin body taken before using the medicine.  Another photo shows the healthy body of the same guy after using the medicine.  The medicine seller was calling people and many were gathered around him to listen about the medicine.  He was claiming that if you use the medicine for a month or two your body will turn healthy enough to do any hard work just as in the picture.

Our uncle also came there and was listening his claims.  After listening him for a few minutes, uncle attracted the attention of the crowed by clapping his hands and told the crowd and the medicine seller that first the medicine seller should use the medicine and prove that the medicine will work in his body then we will buy the medicine.  Everyone gathered around agreed the suggestion of the uncle and left immediately.  Sadly medicine seller also packed his things and left.  I remember the incident very often. 

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