Thursday, November 29, 2012

ACTS 2:38

An elderly lady was asleep in her bed one night, when she was awakened by a strange noise from the living room.

Cautiously, she walked in and discovered a burglar in the process of stealing the stereo. Overcome with fear, she whispered a desperate prayer, "Help me Jesus!" The burglar heard her and started towards her.

Without a thought she put up her hand and shouted a favorite scripture reference: ACTS 2:38! The burglar immediately froze.

The lady dialed 911, and within minutes, police were on the scene, and took the burglar to the police station.

As the police were questioning him, one of the detectives said,
"I'm curious, you could have ran and got away, why did you stay frozen in that one spot?"

The burglar answered, "Man, if you knew that old lady was packing an axe and two .38 revolvers, you would not have moved either!"

On a serious note, there's a tremendous power of having God's Word in your heart and mind.

So don't let age or your memory capacity stop you from memorizing and meditating God's Word.

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